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Kelly Colley


Nail Technician


Kelly is a fully qualified Nail Technician and Educator at Lucy Pastorelli Nails. Having been in the industry for 9 years she is an expert in the nail industry. Kelly specialises in using hypoallergenic products which are all vegan and cruelty free as she is a firm believer in the health of the natural nail. Kelly therefore caters for clients who want to keep their natural nail in tip top condition or for clients that feel they can no longer have their nails done due to allergies.
HEMA allergies are rife in the industry and Kelly uses all HEMA free products for clients who have sensitive nails and cuticles which will help avoid new allergies developing. She is also very creative and loves creating abstract nails.
Kelly is freelance and also has her own salon in Hertfordshire on the outskirts of Enfield, London. Her salon recently received the London/South East nail Salon of the Year 2020/2021 Prestige Awards.
Additionally Kelly is also an ambassador for Lucy Pastorelli tools.

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